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Four favorite animated pictures*~.


My 365 Film Challenge: 356. Epic (2013)
Starring Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Beyoncé Knowles

“I’m so over Boggans!”


My 365 Film Challenge356. Epic (2013)

Starring Amanda SeyfriedJosh HutchersonBeyoncé Knowles

“I’m so over Boggans!


# EPIC # - Cosplay
Back with a few new pictures of my sister and I as M.K. and Nod from BlueSky’s  animated movie EPIC.

We had another quick shoot with SAKS Photography at a convention in August - here are a few of the lovely pictures.
We honestly can’t get enough of this movie - It’s such a sweet and adventures tale, with so many little diamonds that really deserves to be treasured and admired.

I know for one, that this movie means a lot to me and my little sister, and that we won’t stop contributing to it’s creators with as much love as we can possibly give it

Both cosplays are crafted by ourselves - progress and other pictures can be viewed on our cosplay profiles:
M.K. Cosplayer: Lillyn Cosplay
Nod Cosplayer: Lupin


►  E P I C   { 2013 }

 s c e n e r y   { xx }